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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Injecting Insulin With the Lantus SoloSTAR Pen

@BullokD I can actually sleep tonight and not worry the Lantus has failed too!

@pleasef0rgiveme @Diabetescouk Split dosage, started with Lantus and found it wasn't lasting 24hrs, using Levimir helps

@HeatherCHart That is....crazy. In WA we actually just sent friends to Canada because they have no insurance & needed lantus & it is over $300 a bottle. So the next question - why the heck are the prices for insulin so different? SIGH.

@nurselife24_7 @dazzlingblu @truthwoman53 @ChelseaClinton Now with the BCBS Silver plan, the ONLY one available to her, She had to quit using her pump because that was "Durable Medical Supplies" and carries a $5k deductible. Also her ER co-pay went fro $75 to $750. She uses Lantus to replace the pump with Novalog for Bolus' Continued

PSA- remember to look up all your brand name meds online for manufacture coupons. Got switched to Lantus insulin-it would've cost me $120 with insurance. I looked up the coupon in the parking lot before I went in, showed it to them on my phone, and got it for free.

@jillonmoney $3,900 for a 90 day supply of Lantus. With insurance, $2,500. And a $1.00 coupon from the pharmacy.

Merck and : Late-Breaking Data to be Presented from the Comparative Trials with Sitagliptin (CompoSIT) Program on the Continuation of JANUVIA® (sitagliptin) Treatment Among Patients Initiating Insulin Therapy…

@Diabetes_Sanofi please teach your employees that even hoteliers are the human beings... You guys don't fit for 5 star hotels.

I fell asleep studying the diabetes chapter and had a dream about Lantus and Levemir. That’s my life 🙃

@13o191 Ah double shooting me novo rapid and lantus will have me in range in no time 🤙🏻 just need to make sure I've a sweet coffee waiting for me in roughly the same hours time 👌🏻

@13o191 I'm so jealous of that reading 🙉 I'm having a cuppa tea here waiting for me correctional dose to kick in! 💪🏻 I was 16.9 mmmol this morning. #novorapid + #lantus please 👌🏻

@elubbb That's why I sent messages to the urologist, GI and endocrinologist that I've seen in the past month. Only things I'm taking right now are xifaxan (antibiotic), wellbutrin, and miralax. the insulin I'm taking is lantus and humalog.

Teaching myself how to properly dose and fill diabetes medication (i.e. insulin - Lantus/Humalog/Tresiba) Cool!

test Twitter Media - Teaching myself how to properly dose and fill diabetes medication (i.e. insulin - Lantus/Humalog/Tresiba)


.@UHC I just paid $280 for one bottle of insulin (Lantus.) Why do I even pay for insurance for unconscionable Rx prices like that?

@verylightnosuga @iamsqueeisback I don’t take Lantus but I’ve had that happen with Humalog too. I find the pinching does help some and I do the 10 sec as well.

@iamsqueeisback I def do w Lantus. Could prob be better w Humalog. It's almost like I need to wipe the insulin off the needle while ⤵️ skin

@Other_Ryn Fingers crossed. Lantus has always been fine for me. I don't even notice the sting that some report

@DiabeticDadUK Thanks! I'm hoping that there's a different carrier in the new one from Lantus so I don't have the site reaction.

If only non diabetics knew the pain of having to give a Lantus injection everyday 🙃🙃🙃 #Type1diabetes

@RobinACollier1 @BullokD @DorothyEubank16 @HezStanding I just saw this. Yes, since his pump isn't working he's on humolog during the day and Lantus during the night.

@iamsqueeisback @DiabeticDadUK @sunny_cyclist @CountCarbula Yeah, the doc offered to put me on Toujeo since I had a site reaction to Lantus and Levamir was like injecting water. I've been on Insulatard for the last 2 years because the DSN I saw loved it for everything.

@dakami Oddly, my last insurance company pushed me off needle/vial Lantus onto Basaglar, because it was presumably cheaper for them.

@dakami I have people close to me who use insulin pens. They pay nothing for it. Literally nothing.…

@amritabhinder his elder Bro seeing his condition stopped having Colas & junk food, healthy lifestyle in d offering probably a blessing in disguise for everyone & Best is he understands d nuisances, takes his insulin on time records his levels, lantus b4 sleeping etc Wonderful Article 🙏🏽🇮🇳

@txdiabetic Congrats, wish I was in the UK! In Kenya and my son's T1D; here only multiple injections are available via insurance, Lantus and humalog.