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Oh my lantus 😫😍😍 lord bless me with a man this fresh and beautiful 😫😫😍😍😍…

This obviously isn't what happened, but it'd be like if Dr. sent in Lantus Rx& pharmacy responded w a Sanofi-competitor Rx also named Lantus


Any type 1 diabetics out there have experience with switching from Lantus to Basalgar for their long-acting insulin? Did they work pretty much the same for you or were there significant differences in duration time and dosing strength? #t1d

@RChrisCC @ralflongwalker @YWYTFM @DrScottMurray @lowcarbGP ^^^^^^ He proves my case in point. 🤦‍♂️ My A1c is 5.6% on 500mg metformin down from 9% when I was on sulphonylureas, 2g metformin & januvia.

@DiabeticBarista I do think that I’ve accidentally injected Lantus directly in my vein before and it also hit me all at once. The last tome though, I know I didn’t hit a vein. Scary stuff!

@joforrestpr Lantus wasn't right for me felt terrible on it. I am on humalog on pump #lucky but sugars not coping with large work project & surprises. I feel good but running too high and working long days so not focused properly on sugars. Consumables due for 2 yearly review in August.

@Boyce1Boyce Hi Karen 🙂 I had one once for my Humalog - broke very quickly. I have never got on with Lantus, but then I don't think there ever has been a long acting insulin that worked for me and I'm not eligible for a pump 'cos my HBA1C is too good. How R U keeping?

7 units of overnight Lantus = an overnight low. 6 units of Lantus = an overnight high. Can. Not. Get. It. Right. #T1D #Diabetes #CanIHaveADayOffPlease

@DiabeticBarista I had an issue with Lantus where it all hit me at once. My endo says some people react badly to some types of insulin and he took me off of it. Trouble is my insurance only covers Lantus so I have to get a PA every year for them to cover Levemir.

@LeslitGS Januvia in her working clothes:

test Twitter Media - @LeslitGS Januvia in her working clothes:

@DiabeticBarista That's definitely worrisome! My insurance also kicked Lantus off the list, and is now favoring Basaglar which is the cheaper biosimilar to Lantus. If lowering/splitting/timing the Tresiba dosage differently doesn't work for them, then hopefully Basaglar is the next best option.

@t1_developer It's happening during the day to them from what I understand. They've been having a lot of issues since switching to Tresiba, and they were on LANTUS for a longtime b4 their insurance plan changed and it didn't want to cover LANTUS for them, but it did Tresiba.

@t1_developer Not talking about a bolus, but having a big crash immediately after doing a basal shot of long-acting. Like doing a shot of LANTUS, Levemir, or Tresiba in my example, & it almost immediately acting like fast acting insulin? I thought I had read another T1 talking about it.