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@MissShugaCain Please be careful with the Candy. 😖😖 we don't want Shuga Cain becoming friends with Miss. Lantus

Forgot to get my Lantus out of the fridge and it’s time for my night time injection. Balls.

@CfanSS13 @CBSNews The math on that novolin.100u/ml.10ml bottle.typical dose may be 20u/day.1000u/20u.About 50 day supply for $25.$25/50 days.Thats 50 cents a day.Trouble is everyone wants lantus or that latest stuff that stimulates your own insulin production.what ins you think soc med will give?

@LARams520 How high did he go? It didn’t look too bad to me. Looks like dawn phenomena. Do you split dose his Lantus or give in one go?

lantus this down one lmfaooooooooooo

@RoKhanna @Myrnastwit Someone in Congress, at least with some common sense! Congress should have acted Years ago! Actually insulin has increased Exponentially. Recent story shows, France cost $50 for Lantus Insulin; US cost is $280 for same bottle! Yes, Ppl are dying & Egregious Greed must be stopped!

@Tims_Pants @alternateal @bad_diabetic @RTWeRNotWaiting Is there any way to make this work of we are using Lantus to give some of her basal?

@grahamsphillips one piece of aviv egg matzo is 25g of carb . One piece of medium cholla is 15g . Both are high GI and I need extra 2u lantus during Pesach to keep BGLs down ...... #gbdoc

Meet sitagliptin! Sold under the brand name Januvia, it’s an anti-diabetic medication taken by millions of people every year. About 9 years ago in a landmark study, the process to produce it was overhauled so that it was highly efficient, economical, and environmentally-friendly.

@stopthelies1 @CCW9403 @realAliTweets Lifesaving Lantus insulin is almost $300 a vial. And if insurance doesn't cover it (if you don't qualify for Obamacare, are self-employed and have a high deductible plan like we do) that's exactly what you pay.

@Brasilmagic Most people just want affordable healthcare and lower cost of daily meds. My diabetic pills are over $400 a month on Medicare. Januvia. Was covered by husbands insurance before he turned 65 and forced to go on Medicare. Huge cost to maintain health.

@1Paulcoker Post exercise highs all day long and transition from exercise week to no exercise with lantus