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Highly specific question for the #DOC/#dsma - anyone exp frequent lows on adderall? FI thinks interxn w/ Lantus, switched ADHD meds.

Everytime I correct at bedtime with my lantus dose... I wake up with the worst low. Like now. At 245am. Shaking to death. But I was asleep.

@ConcernedQuill7 @noelmauricio2 I'm okay with it. They had me on novalog for a short while but I reacted better to lantus. I shot a day. Around 35 units.

@JackieLeeMc @noelmauricio2 Some have a problem with the synthetic insulin such as Lantus, humulin 70/30

Insurers paid all but $10,000 of that cost. In Thailand you can buy a vial of Lantus insulin for $3. Same vial of insulin cost $350 in U.S.

Lantus(glargine) and Levemir(detemir) are a long acting or basal insulins used in #diabetes management