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Surely this $250 million donation to @nyulangone from the former chairman of @Merck has strings attached -- what are they? Logos on white coats? Free lunch and pharmaceutical detailing at all noon conferences? Kickbacks for prescribing Januvia and Keytruda?…

Where is the generic version of Januvia. My #diabetes treatment is shit because I can't afford to buy it. ⚡️ “The FDA approved the first generic version of the EpiPen”…

By the way, not to be discounted is @Diabetes_Sanofi who, at the 2015 JP Morgan Healthcare Conf, Sanofi announced major investment in insulin biz, but none would deliver short-term financials they really wanted or needed. CEO shuffle has impeded progress, but may be an acquirer.…

@Patriot_Musket @jwvansteenwyk @molratty I could get by on nothing but generic regular insulin. I use it when I can. But Humalog or similar is what I need to bring down high blood sugar relatively quickly (still way too slow, but better than ordinary insulin). I think I could do without Lantus. Maybe.

@Patriot_Musket @jwvansteenwyk @molratty I’m still on Lantus. It was $55 for a 10ml vial at first. Now it’s over 4 times that (or a bit over twice that from Canada). What’s going to replace it? I want Ultralente, but that’s long gone.

@jwvansteenwyk @molratty "Lantin" isn't even a drug. Perhaps you meant Lantus, which is being phased out of the insulin market as we speak.

Attendees of #AADE18 Show you care about persons with diabetes, & raise your collective & individual voices on the need for AFFORDABLE modern #insulin4all. Demand it of @LillyDiabetes @novonordiskus @Diabetes_Sanofi in the exhibit hall. Educate Pharma and the PBMs. @AADEeducation

@CherryWanders @troopek my 96 year old patient is approaching the donut hole for the year and asked I look at her medicine bill to help reduce cost. Her most expensive was Lantus, $100 a month, after insurance.

My order no 141400626A placed on 15 th August is still under process @NetMeds please expedite. Besides Lantus is not delivered to my pin code 560064 when I tried ordering on app.

@_celia_bedelia_ Been a diabetic type 1 since 4. Now I am on 2 insulins, they took away my Homolog & Lantus & put me on cheaper ones, I have Aetna, they do not work as well. I am 66 with medicaid paying & they both say it is the other, back & forth on phone, You rock.😊🐶☮️🌊

@eugenegu @susanmddem A question I ask everyday. And WHY is LANTUS so expensive? t's been around forever.

@sarcasm_scrubs I had a guy come into urgent care a week or two ago and ask for someone to show him how to work his insulin pens - lantus and humalog.Asked him to show me how he takes his blood sugar first. He had never picked up a glucometer, had no idea how the insulins worked, why FSBS a must

@LillyPad That you have T1D and you need insulin. Period. We don't need red tape..waiting periods. Enough is enough.We should not have to struggle or beg or drain our bank account to have insulin. I have had to do this to many times.I was told once I had to pay 600 for a bottle of Lantus.

@LillyPad To order Drug companies like yourself ..make insulins available either free or at a very small cost. Walmart offers Novolin R for 24.00! Why can't you? Lantus insulin..Why can't you offer it for the same without insurance or for free. This has to stop. Enough of the high costs.

- make a choice about their basal rate. How much insulin do they need for carbs? A lot? Not as much? My basal rate, for example, is 1 unit to every 6 carbs, and that's a pretty high amount of insulin to be taking. I take 30 units of long-acting lantus.

- there are actually 2 kinds of insulin. Fast-acting and long-acting. Depending on the brand they have slightly different names, but fast-acting is Humalog or Novalog. Long-acting is Lantus, Levemir, or Tresiba (which is newer than the other 2).

@Ryan_Kerzner @eugenegu Basaglar (insulin glarginine) by Eli Lilly is on the market in the US as biosimilar to Lantus. It's not a lot cheaper like it is in Canada. A box of five 3mL Basaglar pens is ≈ $350 vs Lantus Solostar ≈$430. Depending on the dose a person may need more than one box a month.

@TSRooseveltRE @AprilGarden106 @CP92804 @NBCNews @NBCNightlyNews Those are all very minor improvements over Lantus, which was 2001? Humalog was 1996. We’re not asking for reasonable access to the latest and greatest but Humalog and Lantus shouldn’t cost folks thousands of dollars anymore.

@eugenegu No Joke! Lantus' cost is through the roof. I had to pay $90/mth for 20 ml of Novolog, & I had Insurance. I'm a Retired RN, BSN, & I figured out it would cost max $2,000/person/yr for Diabetes Screening (PCP & Eye Dr visits, labs, & nutritionists- 2 ea/yr).

@eugenegu You can't technically have generic insulin. Insulin Glargine already has a biosimilar on the market in Canada (which is cheaper than the reference drug Lantus). I think the FDA already approved it...but not sure if it's commercialized in the US yet.

@karynblogs @aburke626 If your parents are experiencing stock issues on insulin that is simply bc the pharmacy is poorly run. There is NO EXCUSE. To not have insulin stocked, in my years of pharmacy I’ve never had a lantus or a humulin ect go oos. Time to find a new pharmacy.

@POTUS what is HHS Secy doing about high prescription costs. 3 Mos of Lantus (now off patent) still $498 in donut hole. Going broke in order to have good meds that work. HELP

What’s the ‘keytruda’ to Merck’s success? I’m not sure, but the whole thing is making me feel Januvia! Don’t be a Jerck Buy Merck? #Gardasil $MRK

Lantus is a long-acting insulin used to treat adults with type 2 diabetes and adults and pediatric patients (children 6 years and older) with type 1 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar. Provided in form of box of 5 pen injectors.…

test Twitter Media - Lantus is a long-acting insulin used to treat adults with type 2 diabetes and adults and pediatric patients (children 6 years and older) with type 1 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar. Provided in form of box of 5 pen injectors.