Living Long and Prospering with Diabetes: Brett Streaser

Living Long and Prospering with Diabetes: Brett Streaser

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Recently we asked our Facebook community to tell us about people who have lived long and well with diabetes – people who have lived 20, 30 or even 40 years or more with the disease. Having received a lot of great responses, we’re privileged to present these favorites on the blog this week. We’re hope you’re as inspired by these personal stories as we are!


11637907_10205539438583906_23739350_nName: Brett Streaser
Age: 43 (diagnosed at 5)
Location: Beachwood, N.J.

Growing up with diabetes was hard, but my family was terrific and watched and controlled everything I would eat.

I also love doing the Tour de Cure® because I want to ride to find a cure. That’s my No. 1 reason. In this way, I’ve helped raise lots of money for diabetes research, in hope of someday being cured. Plus, I love riding long distances, 20-30+ miles at a time. I remember seeing a brochure for Tour de Cure 15 years ago and thought it was perfect for me. I’ve participated every year since and got my partner to ride as well. My family even volunteers at a rest stop to support me and cheer me on.

The insulin pump is the greatest advancement in diabetes care, in my opinion. It is great because I get so much freedom from it and it’s easier to control highs and lows. I love to take 20-plus-mile bike rides, go on vacations and play with my nephews. I recently started using a continuous glucose monitor too and love it especially when I’m at work and can’t always get away to test.

Staying away from complications caused by not controlling your sugar levels properly .

My advice? Gather as much information you can and find a good doctor and diabetes educator. You don’t have to give up everything, especially all the good things that you’ve enjoyed, as long as you monitor and control yourself properly.